Meet the Team

Jemimah Ashleigh

Director & Founder

Tim Hyde

 Sales and Marketing

Sam Mcfarlane

Social Media Marketer
Content Creator

Jemimah Ashleigh is the Creative Director of Tangs Design, one half of The Business Experiment and is the founder of Epic Social. This criminal-investigator-come-jeweller is passionate about breaking through the many myths and misconceptions about being an entrepreneur and thrives on helping other business owners on their journey. Jemimah works as a mentor to entrepreneurs and assists start-ups navigate networking. Jemimah also works as a comedy writer and is a key influencer on social media.

Jemimah is RAW: natural born artist, a skilled improviser and comedian and in 2015, was named Canberra's Artist of the Year. She has studied the fields of security and intelligence extensively, speaks several languages and is currently studying to be an Australian sign language interpreter.

A multi-talented entrepreneur, Jemimah’s intuitive understanding of human emotion allows her to work across multiple areas, including as a mentor, comedy writer and social media guru with an emphasis on story telling.  She is a highly sought-after speaker, blogger and contributes to many media outlets on a regular basis.

Jemimah lives with her soon to be husband and cat in their house in Canberra, often found listening to 90’s music and building empires.

Tim Hyde is our resident Fixer.

A former project manager with both Corporate and Government experience, and experienced business owner in his own right, Tim brings incredible understanding of marketing, sales and business to the Epic Social team.

Tim first discovered an appetite for Entrepreneurship at the age of six, revelling in bringing his favourite Scrooge McDuck golden book to life. Whilst this was hilarious to his parents at the time, it was the foundation for a love of business that has continued unabated since 1979.

Tim’s business accolades include being one of Australia’s pioneers in social media and citizen journalism as Co-founder and CEO of, (well before social media was a household term). He has also launched 9 other successful ventures across a range of industry verticals in the past 30 years. This extensive business experience has given Tim a unique ability to see opportunities beyond the horizon and solve marketing problems with practical solutions that just work.

In 2014 Tim created Win More Clients, a specialist marketing agency focussing on marketing and sales automation, business strategy and advice. Since then Tim has been sought as a consultant advisor to to over 1000 businesses in Australia, USA, SE Asia, the Middle East and the UK, helping each attract, convert and keep better customers.

Tim also enjoys coaching junior rugby union, travelling, cooking and skiing. And wine! Wine is also good.

Sam McFarlane is a social media marketer and content creator, who loves helping entrepreneurs. Sam has over 20 years experience in marketing, working as a marketing professional in the UK and Australia for a variety of industries and businesses.

With the world being online, it’s essential that all businesses (even bricks and mortar ones) have a stand-out online presence. But it’s also super time-consuming. And that’s where Sam steps in to help. Sam has experience in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In her spare time, Sam is a lover of the 4 C's: coffee, chocolate, clothes and champagne (not necessarily in that order).

Sam is a mum of 2 and married to a fitness fanatic that recently completed an ironman. Sam was more than happy to cheer him on from the sidelines and has no desire to ever be that fit (or crazy)!