About Us

We are passionate about helping small businesses, start-ups and Not-For-Profit organisations succeed and we understand just how important a well-considered social media content strategy is to your success. Unfortunately, many small businesses and NFP's find themselves under-performing when it comes to their social media channels. Don't be too hard on yourself though. There just aren't enough hours in the day as it is when you are juggling everything you need to do to service your customers, deliver your message and keep everyone happy.

Epic Social is here to help. We know that keeping a traditional social media agency on retainer just isn't financially viable for many small businesses, but why should you miss out on the benefits that social media can bring to your organisation. EPIC Social was created to service the small businesses, the NFP's, the start-ups, and anyone who wants to level up their social game and get their brand and message out to the world. Great content and social media management isn't just for the big brands anymore. Click the button below to find out how our service works and what Epic Social can do for your business.

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