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Branding, Marketing & Logo Creation Workshop- 1 Hour

Branding, Marketing & Logo Creation Workshop- 1 Hour

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If you are a low-key control freak, no judgement! You are in great company here! If the thought of contracting out your entire brand creation to a third party sends shivers down your spine, I have a solution that might help. You might already have a fair idea of what direction you are heading in with your branding, you might even be pretty handy with the design software when it comes to creating a logo. Maybe you have a brother, son, uncle, aunt, mother, or girlfriend who is happy to donate their graphic design expertise. All of that aside, you still need a little bit of guidance to make sure you are heading down the right track, following best practice and setting yourself up for success. Sometimes, it is good to just sit down with someone and bounce some ideas around. Get that outside perspective. 

If this sounds like you, then you will benefit from a 1-hour, one-on-one coaching call to help you work out the finer details of your brand creation and leave you with a newfound sense of clarity and direction.

We will discuss 

  • Branding best practice
  • Logo creation
  • Choosing the right colour palette
  • Choosing the right fonts
  • Personality, tone and voice for your brand
  • Outlining your brand guidelines
  • The importance of brand consistency
  • and so much more...

So make yourself a coffee and let's chat. This $99 hour will save you money, time and your sanity. 

How to book your workshop:

Once you have added your workshop call to the cart and checked out, you will be contacted within the hour during business hours to arrange your workshop at a time and on a platform that is convenient for you. We can conduct workshops over the phone, via WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams or Facebook Messenger Video chat. After-hours times available.


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