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Social Media Coaching - 1 Hour

Social Media Coaching - 1 Hour

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Happy with creating your own content and handling your own socials but need just a little bit of help with narrowing down the nitty gritty details? This one hour coaching call sounds like just the ticket!

If you prefer to handle all of your own socials, that's cool. We're not offended. After all, in business, every dollar that stays in your pocket is a win, right? And from one control freak to another, I get it, sometimes you just need to be the one taking the reins. 

But navigating the social landscape is tricky, and those ever changing algorithms? Don't even get me started. And which channels should I focus my attention on? All of them? Some of them? And how do I start to narrow down my target audience? And what type of content is best for my particular business? And when should I post what where?

Shhhhhh....Shhh, I've got you. This one hour coaching call will help you calm that chaos that is happening right now and give you some much needed clarity and direction. You will have an hour to discuss your objectives when it comes to social media and together we will get you set off in the right direction. 

We will discuss 

  • Custom target audiences
  • Hashtags
  • Which channels to focus on for your demographic
  • Branding
  • Tone and voice for your content
  • What type of content to post for the best engagement
  • What day and times to post it
  • How to set up social media ad campaigns
  • How to measure your success through analytics
  • and so much more...

So before you start throwing your hard earned dollars into Metas very very deep pockets with ineffective social media campaigns, take a breath. Make yourself a coffee and let's chat. This $99 hour will save you thousands in wasted ad campaign dollars. Trust me, you will need those thousands to spend on coffee...welcome to small business ownership!

How to book your workshop:

Once you have added your workshop call to the cart and checked out, you will be contacted within the hour during business hours to arrange your workshop at a time and on a platform that is convenient for you. We can conduct workshops over the phone, via WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams or Facebook Messenger Video chat. After hours times available.


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